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Deep Experience

Intellisys has built a diversified portfolio management platform for middle market growth equity investments across the United States. Our team brings experience sourcing powerful business models with strong teams, performing rigorous due diligence, generating value through competitive insight, and coaching operational execution.

Aligned Interests

Intellisys is an owner and manager alongside Mainstreet Investment LP, an investment fund formed to issue the first digital token security in the world backed by real assets and providing concrete investment returns to shareholders. We intend to provide differentiated opportunities that are not available through traditional investment markets.

Fiduciary Transparency

Intellisys is committed to setting a new standard for the management of digital securities. Transparency, governance and fiduciary responsibility are at the heart of what we do, which is why we've partnered with the best legal and accounting minds globally to fulfill this promise.

Strong Relationships

The Intellisys network runs deep.

Our team brings a wide network of relationship and deep expertise in financial services, manufacturing, and service industries. Our emphasis on positive relationships extends to regulators, where we seek to ensure rigorous compliance as virtual currencies and blockchain-based businesses evolve into a core role in the global economy.

We leverage our network to identify companies with stable and growing cash flow, simple business models, and strong management teams. The Intellisys team applies new thinking and relentless hard work to find opportunities outside the radar of traditional institutional investors. We actively generate returns through competitive insight, product innovation, and operational efficiency. Our team respects the role of founders of our portfolio companies, and goes beyond bringing capital to enable sales opportunities, introduce talented people, and actively contribute to owners’ and our investor’s success.

Our Strategy: Next Generation Companies

We conduct in-depth reviews of a portfolio company’s internal and external positioning. Based on this analysis, we draw on our experience, resources, and relationships to help portfolio companies scale and expand into targeted markets. While we have a broad pool of industry knowledge and experiences to draw upon on behalf of our portfolio companies, we concentrate our efforts on the following:

Business and Sales Resources

Sales Support including introductions to large potential customers and refinement of sales strategies. Business Development Support including introductions to channel partners, as well as industry and governmental experts.

Management and Board Resources

We can provide specialized experience, technical expertise, and introductions to business development opportunities that complement existing leadership teams and boards. We bring particular experience in helping recruit strong talent.

Why We do it

We want to modernize private equity and provide investors the opportunity to reap returns of strong operating businesses in the US they currently don’t have access to, amid low-yielding bonds, high risk equity picks, and profit-erasing fees of mutual funds. Through securing an excellent portfolio of assets with a focus on developing powerful synergies with our blockchain and bitcoin opportunities we hope to create greater value and returns to our investors and the respective industries we’re involved in.

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Who we support

We encourage team members and their families to make a difference in the lives of others both locally and globally. We support several organizations both locally and globally. We do this because we aim for goals that extend beyond solely generating investment returns. Thats why we set aside time and resources to partner with organizations that make an impact on our world. We support many local organizations both locally and abroad. It's important for us to remember that there's more to this world than money, a job, or a house, all of which are blessings that we do not take for granted. Thats why we set aside time and money to partner with organizations that make a profound impact on our world.

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