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Deep Experience

Intellisys has built a diversified portfolio management platform for cryptocurrency investments and trading algorithms. Our team brings experience in the blockchain industry that have generated significant value for our investors.

Aligned Interests

Intellisys is an owner and manager alongside Laughncow Hodlings I, LP, an investment fund formed as one of the first cryptoasset hedge funds and providing investment returns to limited paetners. We intend to provide differentiated opportunities that are not available through traditional investment markets.

Fiduciary Transparency

Intellisys is committed to setting a new standard for the management of digital securities. Transparency, governance and fiduciary responsibility are at the heart of what we do, which is why we've partnered with the best legal and accounting minds globally to fulfill this promise.

Strong Relationships

The Intellisys network runs deep

Our team brings a wide network of relationship and deep expertise in financial services, manufacturing, and service industries. Our emphasis on positive relationships extends to regulators, where we seek to ensure rigorous compliance as virtual currencies and blockchain-based businesses evolve into a core role in the global economy. We leverage our network to identify blockchain investment opportunities with stable and growing networks, simple business models, and strong management and advisory teams. The Intellisys team applies new thinking and relentless hard work to find opportunities in a blossoming industry.

Our Team: Managing Directors

Jason Granger

Managing Director

Since 2004, Jason has successfully built large teams in banking, real estate, construction, and private equity. Recently he led a four-year joint venture partnership with AIG equating to a $405 Million equity commitment in a $2 Billion real estate development and operations platform for First & Main™ senior living as SVP of Operations for Granger Group. In 2016, Jason ventured into the world of private investment, with a focused effort on blockchain technology and private equity, founding Intellisys Capital as the engine to create unique investment opportunities in the industry, with several ventures currently underway. He currently has invested over $1 million in cryptoassets and private equity ventures. Jason obtained a B.S. in Finance from Ferris State University. Jason will be responsible for overseeing advisory resources, finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, information technology and security.

Len Mazzola

Managing Director

Len Mazzola has a background as an entrepreneur, investor, speculator and technology enthusiast with extensive experience in banking, equities, real estate, investment management and cryptoassets. Len’s proven track record of blockchain investment is based on his ability in seeking alpha and realizing strong returns on investment. As early as 2013, Crain’s Detroit published an article highlighting Len’s strong belief and early adoption of Bitcoin, becoming the first to install a Bitcoin ATM in his Detroit restaurant. He currently has over $1 million invested in cryptoassets and has developed proprietary trading algorithms for cryptoasset markets. Len obtained a B.S. in Finance from Michigan State University. Len will be responsible for portfolio management of the Fund’s portfolio, including algorithm development, reporting, research and associated efforts.

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